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Connect, move, enrich?

3 things that I think are incredibly worthwhile, especially in today’s fast-moving and sometimes very superficial world.

Each of these 3 points plays a role for me from two perspectives: passion and profession.

Let me explain briefly what I mean by this:


When a point is reached where you prefer to connect to Wi-Fi, a social network, or the latest dating app instead of the people you meet every day, something goes wrong. I want to connect myself and other people primarily offline and create moments together that you might not otherwise have experienced.

In the context of the profession, of course, I continue to connect technologically and digitally.


Movement usually makes us not only physically, but also mentally more flexible. Moving myself and others is therefore part of my everyday life. I firmly believe that exercise and an active lifestyle make us more productive and resilient in almost every area of life. In addition, movement is often a great opportunity to connect. Whether alone or together, if you want to move or something, I will be happy to help you!


Yes, you need money to pay your bills, but is it good for you what you pay or the way you make the money? Better surround yourself with enriching people in activities that you enjoy.

Away from money over matter, fill your life and the lives of others, not just your bank account. If you have the feeling that things are going the other way around for you and you have no idea how to change this, feel free to contact me.